Comment lutter contre le financement et la prolifération du terrorisme au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord ?

# 06/01/2017 à 22:18 Fédération de Russie

Terrorism has expanded greatly in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Radical jihadist networks have grown and now pose a global threat. Stable and prosperous countries, such as Syria or Iraq have been devastated by terrorism.
The Russian Federation has always been strongly fighting against terrorist organisations.
The United States of America (USA), and their allies have created a cradle for terrorism in the MENA region since Operation Desertstorm. By destabilising a strong government, and creating military bases on sacred Islam land, the USA have strongly encouraged terrorists.
Furthermore, the USA did not content itself with creating the terrorist groups, it armed them after. It officially announced support for “moderate rebels” in Syria, and bought the Islamic State’s (IS) oil.
The Russian Federation believes in only intervening militarily when absolutely necessary, and only providing weapons to legitimate governments. Unnecessary military actions lead to disastrous situations, such as a chronic famine in Yemen, where UNICEF estimates 2,2 million children to be living with severe malnutrition because of an ongoing civil war, and Saudi airstrikes.

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