Quels systemes de transports intelligents proposé pour un mond meilleur?

# 09/02/2017 à 18:07 Russian Federation

Committee: environmental

Question: Quels systèmes de transports intelligents proposer pour un monde meilleur?

Auteur: The Russian Federation

To ensure the ideal productivity of a country all of its components must function to the fullest of their potential. This includes transportation which is not only responsible for the movement of goods and services within à country and around the world but also the movement of citizens and workers, with this fact in mind the fluidity and ease of transportation must be ensured.

Knowing that transportation only represents 22% of CO2 emissions, the Russian Federation believes that more focus should be placed on industry and housing which together represent 30% of CO2 emissions. However the Russian Federation still sees the importance of finding more smart systems of transportation and has directly invested in Elon Musk's company TESLA which creates new innovative eco-friendly cars.

The environment is all around us and must be preserved to ensure the prosperity of the planet and all of its inhabitants. Only by working together can a solution that benefits all be found. The quality of life of all people on this planet depends on our ability to resolve the problem of climate.

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