What measures should be put in place to allow citizens to engage whilst respecting their political liberty?

# 12/03/2017 à 19:39 Delegate of France

Committee: Human Rights
Sponsor: France
Topic: "What measures should be put in place to allow citizens to engage whilst respecting their political liberty?"

Reminding all delegates that freedom of expression is clearly recognised under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and under articles 19 and 20 of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Noting that the delegate of France wishes to firmly defend freedom of speech and any threat to media freedom. The delegate of France therefore,

I. Encourages nations to apply and defend a free media environment and freedom of expression by:

a. Allowing free and independent media to publish and distribute information freely throughout the nation
b. Guaranteeing the safety of journalists, or media representatives in every nation
c. Allowing public freedom of expression to everyday individuals in the form of marches, non-violent protests, legal strikes, the distribution of printed material and any other public expression of opinion (except hate speech)
d. Limiting censorship of the media, of published work (films, books…) and of the Internet by refraining from censorship unless in specific cases, as detailed in point II

II. Applies censorship only in specific and pre-defined cases, to avoid indecent material threatening freedom of expression, by:

a. Considering any medium glorifying or inciting terrorism, that constitutes harassment or defamation, as a threat to freedom of expression and international security
b. Therefore censoring the above-defined material, by blocking internet connections to these websites by forcing national Internet Service Providers to do so, or stopping the distribution of such material if it is physical
c. Penalizing people who have explicitly distributed this material on the same level as a criminal, with fines of around 100,000 dollars and several years in prison
d. Following article 19, from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to act as a guideline relating to any limitations of free speech, meaning that any form of speech that infringes on the following notions should be considered a illegal:
1. the rights or reputations of others (racism, defamation…)
2. national security
3. public order
4. public health
e. Clarifying the notion of “national security”: national security means any explicit threat to the country’s territory or people, this does not include criticisms of the state

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