The ways of stopping terrorism funding and proliferation in the Middle East and North Africa

# 12/03/2017 à 14:51 Samet ÖZTÜRK

Committee: Disarmament committee
Topic: The ways of stopping terrorism funding and proliferation in the Middle East and North Africa
Noting its resolution 2253 (2015), expresses its determination to address the threat posed to international peace and security by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as Da’esh)1 and associated individuals and groups, and emphasized the importance of cutting off its access to funds and preventing it from planning and facilitating attacks. In paragraph 97 of the resolution, the Council requested that I provide an initial strategic-level report, followed by updates every four months thereafter.
Calling upon its resolution 2322 (2016), that all States consider establishing laws and mechanisms that allow for the broadest possible international cooperation, including by downgrading, where appropriate, intelligence for the purposes of sharing it, exchanging biometric and biographic information, engaging in informal police cooperation, exchanging financial information and strengthening mutual legal assistance, and emphasized the need for a coordinated and robust response,
Recognizing that the problem of funding terrorism is that two-way information among the countries is either insufficient and information exchanged between countries of the world is inadequate,

Recommends that a three-level information interchange system be established at the National, European and International levels to overcome these kinds of terrorist actions causing many people to die without expressing any reason;
a) Each country, Turkey too, will collect the first-hand information through the military services being active in the related regions at national level;
b) The second step of this collaboration is to convey these data, info and messages to the headquarters specified previously by Disarmament Committee to reassess their results at European level;
c) The information being gathered by News Gathering Agencies will be shared via media, either social media or TV channels globally, referring to International level, to the viewers and furthermore, Turkey housing the headquarter globally will be centre of the all collaborative works;
Recognizes the importance of cutting financial support to the illegal forces there and destroying the links which they gain illegally a huge income by kidnapping, dealing drugs, fuel smuggling;
Urges that all States to force the pace of cease-fire process as soon as possible by taking into consideration the issues and details of the implementation of the Syrian ceasefire agreement, on the date of 6th of February, 2017, Astana summit;
Further requests that General Assembly to take a military intervention with the support of the members of North Atlantic Treaty Organization to these separatist groups;
a) Any military action led by The Turkish Army Forces will be compromised of multinational coalition throughout the world;
b) With the help of the Nato, a protected area where it is strictly protected by NATO peace forces will be established to prevent the loss of innocent people, especially the children and old ones;

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