The use of new technologies: how to ensure better medical support for diabetic patients ?

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Committee: WHO Committee

Topic: The use of new technologies: How to ensure better medical support for diabetic patients?

Taking note of the current status of diabetes worldwide and the seriousness of the foreseen percentage of the possible diabetic persons in the coming years in the article of seventh edition, 2015 published by IDF Atlas,

Emphasizing the importance of new technological and medical innovation to halt rise in diabetes and improve the lives of living with this dangerous but preventable and treatable disease, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon marked World Health Day, saying “We can limit the spread and impact of diabetes by promoting and adopting healthier lifestyles, especially among young people,”

Considering the serious consequences of diabetic persons’ deaths at an early age,

Acknowledging that the effectiveness of control measures for diabetes, including more physical activity, the existence of technology, the habit of eating organic foods, for the improvement health,

Fully believing that how important the persons with diabetes adopt the healthier lifestyles before being diagnosed as potential diabetic person and WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, saying, “The prevalence of diabetes is alarming and is rapidly getting worse. This is a worrying worldwide trend,”

1. Decides to organize some training campaigns which give priority the persons with diabetes to understand their conditions related to disease and only half of people with diabetes are diagnosed and more importantly, 55 % of people with diabetes have been diagnosed:

2. Urges the establishment of several public and non-public health agencies in the cosmopolitan regions like Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, to pay great attention to the following issues:

a) Putting into actions National diabetes plans and policies which give priority to diabetes;
b) Providing a well-developed and well-designed monitoring and surveillance systems which give data and info at regular intervals;
c) Government budgeting and finance for diabetes which cover the cost of the treatments of the persons with diabetes;

3. Recommends that a comprehensive and common health insurance policy for each persons without looking their citizenships, colour of skins, level of income or status in public be extended to each person at all levels:

a) The foreseen national plan should include refugees who had to flee from their countries;
b) An international humanitarian relief fund for these people should be released as soon as possible by establishing a centre office, with the main branch in İstanbul, Turkey and additional branches in other countries;

4. Further recommends that the Ministry of Health of Turkey develop a similar implementation like The Global Diabetes Scorecard developed by IDF to track the progress of national governments in improving diabetes care and prevention, to pursue the following points:

a) The percentage and number of persons with diabetes on a country basis;
b) Creating a risk map which shows locally the territories where this disease has been dominant for years;
c) The interval distribution of the disease at all levels;

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