Sustainable production: How to ensure nutritious diets at an affordable price?

# 13/03/2017 à 19:34 Hasan OGUZHAN ERDOGAN

Committee: Economic and Social Council,
Topic: Sustainable production: How to ensure nutritious diets at an affordable price?

Emphasizing the urgent need to increase efforts at the national, regional and international levels to address nutritious diets at an affordable price through mechanisms of intervention on the markets of agricultural commodities,

Recognizing the need to foster strategic coordination for agriculture development and food security involving all actors at the national, regional and global levels to improve governance, promote better allocation of resources, provide funding to the farmers, foster rural development measures,

Bearing in mind the necessity of establishing any national organisation funded by Central Bank related to agricultural, sustainable production, financial support on farming similar to the international organizations like The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), World Trade Organisation (WTO),

1. Underlines the importance of modernization of the agricultural instruments in developing countries rather than the conventional ones to reduce the total cost within the rural development measures;

2. Expresses its support to the farmers playing a critical role growing the food security with the help diverse direct payments for their foods, the small-scale farms in allocating more investment at national and international level;
a) The Turkish Government promotes the farmers to produce nutritious foods by providing financial support twice a year, first one in April/May and another one September/October, including the 23% support in fertilizer, a reasonable discount on fuel;
b) The system of basin-based production will ensure the costumers to reach the organic and healthy foods at an affordable price;
c) One-hundred-and-eighty-four plains will be declared as protected areas. Seven million hectares of land will be aggregated. Aggregation and irrigation will be collected under the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry;

3. Recognizes that appropriate, affordable and sustainable agriculture technology can play an important role in helping developing countries to achieve global food security, and calls upon the international community to make greater efforts to promote the development and transfer of appropriate technologies and know-how on mutually agreed terms to developing countries;

4. Urges Member States and international organizations to pursue policies and strategies that improve the functioning of domestic, regional and international markets and ensure equitable access for all, especially smallholders and women farmers from developing countries.

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