How to fight against the financing and the proliferation of terrorism in the Middle East and in North Africa?

# 12/03/2017 à 16:27 Delmotte Maxim (France)

Disarming committee
Sponsors: France
Topic: “How to fight against the financing and the proliferation of the terrorism in the Middle East and in North Africa?
Affirming France’s belief that the financing and the proliferation of the terrorism groups are blocking factors to disarmament.
Believing that the elimination of these groups would reinforce the possibility of a disarming world. To quote Ban Ki-moon: “Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation are not utopian ideals. They are critical to global peace and security.”
The delegate of France consequently urges all delegates to adopt the following measures,
I. Respond firmly to the proliferation crisis by:
a. Reinforcing international non-proliferation mechanisms
b. Forming a police force that would have as aim to find frequently used routes by terrorists and use them to stop the financing and proliferation of these terrorists.
II. Urges all delegates to use systems allowing them to block any possible theft of any nuclear technology by:
a. Installing material accountability which would track the inward and outward flow of materials in any nuclear facility.
b. Putting in place physical security so that it would be harder to access these facilities
c. Using sophisticated surveillance and containment, this would include the use of seals, cameras and other instruments permitting the observation of any unreported movement or tampering with nuclear materials
d. These measures will be verified by surprise inspections done by IAEA members and will verify the completeness and accuracy of records.
III. Calls all delegates to help curb proliferation by:
a. Joining organisations like France did with the PSI
b. Giving any possible tools to these organisations for them to keep safe the nuclear weaponry possessed by several countries
c. Agreeing and supporting the demands of the IAEA and its Additional Protocol
IV. Requests all delegates to make laws that would help stop the finance of these terrorist organisations by:
a. Making all banks responsible for the laundering of money through their systems

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