How can we participate in the progressive elimination of weapons of mass destruction?

# 12/03/2017 à 16:23 Delmotte Maxim (France)

Disarming committee
Sponsors: France
Topic: “How can we participate in the progressive elimination of weapons of mass destruction?”
Affirming France’s belief that weapons of mass destruction are weapons that should be eliminated as they potentially endanger the lives of millions
Reminding that these weapons can protect the general public from an imminent threat but may also be used against that same general public that it is trying to defend. To quote Ban Ki-moon: “The norm against the use of nuclear weapons – the most destructive weapons ever created, with potentially unparalleled human costs – has stood strong for seven decades. But the only absolute guarantee that they are never used again is through their total elimination.”
The delegate of France therefore strongly urges all delegates to accept the following measures,
I. Requests that all nations format laws banning the production of fissile materials which would then help the nations by:
a. Stopping a major factor in health issues
b. Reducing the risk of an explosion which would then effect the natural environment of the infected land.
II. Calls on all nations to put forward a bigger transparency on their production and arsenal of weapons of mass destruction by:
a. Accepting the full demands of the comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban treaty
b. Agreeing to a neutral body to monitor the nuclear activities of the countries and to share them with the UN body
c. Putting in place a limit of nuclear arsenal that would be shared by all the countries and that would slowly be reduced
d. In the case of any non-adherence of the aforementioned measures the country should suffer a trade embargo until the necessary demands are met.
III. Encourages all nations to help the organisations already created which want to promote disarmament by:
a. Urging all delegates to comply in any form to the demands of the organisation within reason
b. To let the organisation promote the advancements on disarmament using the media

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