Espionnage économique : comment lutter contre ce fléau ?

# 13/03/2017 à 21:16 Khreish Ray

Comité Economique social et environnemental
Sujet : « Espionnage économique : comment lutter contre ce fléau ? »
The General Assembly,
Reminding all delegations that all types of administrations and companies are constantly victimized by cyber-attacks concerning economic espionage due to the internet, and most of the times, these attempts, if succeeded, are highly costly and damaging to the organization involved,
Recalling that more and more organizations have become dependent on the Internet and by the new technologies,
Recognizing the DIN 66399 norms,
I. Encourages all nations regarding the companies and administrations to:
a. Apply and enforce the DIN 66399 norms.
b. Inform about the risks and the dangers of the dependency of Internet and the new technology, and advise them to invest in the security of their company.
c. Recall the basis of economic espionage and to remind them that an intruder could very well be present (in their own companies).
d. Reinforce fines and sentences to any economic espionage.
II. Urges all delegations to set laws and regulations concerning
a. Background checks before any job acceptance.
b. Monitoring secretly any employees’ actions while in the workplace.
c. Reduce contact with the outside world while in the workplace.
d. Disallow the use of personal items on the work equipment and reinforce security within the offices and on the servers/systems.
III. In order to gain the trust and the co-operation of the employees:
a. Reward and appreciate their work by augmenting the salary, organizing trips or even setting up teamwork projects.
b. Warn them about the dangers of economic espionage and about the eventual sentence and danger to their careers.

-Ray Khreish, the delegation of Japan

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