Disarmament : What preventive measures can be taken against the recruitment and training of terrorist groups ?

# 06/02/2016 à 13:49 Guatemala (site web)

Since the geginning of this century , the world has been facing new threats from terrorist groups - especially extremist Islamist groups such as Al Qaeda or more recently ISIS . Those groups are able to recruit in a more or less effective way and have complex organisations that allow them to get trained soldiers locally ( Syria , Iraq or Afghanistan ) but also all over the world .Moreover , the development of new technologies makes it harder and harder to tackle those terrorist groups .
Guatemala has not been a victim of those kinds of terrorist groups but our country is consciuos that our political instability ( short Presidential terms ) and the easy access to arms is an issue and that it can represent an opportunity for some terrorists .Guatemala's worrisome murder rate is driven by four key factors : an increase in narco-trafficking activity , growing gang- related violence a heavily armed population (upwards of 60% possess a firearm ) and a police/judicial system that remains either unable or unwilling to hold many criminals accountable .Well-armed criminals know there is little chance they will be caught or punished , further driving criminal impunity .
On 24 June , Guatemala became the 74th country to sign the Arms Trade Treaty . Throughout negotiations Guatemala was among the strongest supporters of a robust ATT and played an important role in promoting the Treaty to other countries in the region .
Our final position is to encourage the reducing of armaments in the countries that allow them to civilians ..Yet Guatemala does not want to ban them . In a country like ours this type of measure seems impossible to apply ..

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