Committed to build a better world

Environmental committee: 

  • Green innovation: how to take advantage of eco-innovation to create more environmentally friendly industries ?

  • Rethink ecosystems to mitigate natural disasters caused by climate change?

  • What smart transportation systems for a better world ?


  • Can we consider a global health coverage?

  • The use of new technologies: how to ensure better medical support for diabetic patients ?

  • How to foster the development and access to innovative treatments for rare diseases?

Human rights: 

  • Data protection : What online security should be provided ?

  • How to enable citizen involvement in society whilst keeping their political belonging & boundaries left unviolated?

  • How to ensure protection of vulnerable individuals against discrimination and persecution


  • Sustainable production: How to ensure nutritious diets at an affordable price?

  • What actions must be taken to ensure corporate social responsibility in order to improve economic growth? 

  • Economic espionage: how to battle this scourge?

Security council: 

  • Cooperation between UN and regional/subregional organizations: SG to include in regular assessments on levels of progression.  

  • What fundamental steps must be taken by Sudanese parties with the support of UNAMID to achieve tangible progress?

Disarmament committee: 

  • How to combat terrorism funding and proliferation in the Middle East and North Africa?

  • How can we take part in gradually eradicating weapons of mass destruction?

  • How to secure access for humanitarian organizations in war zones ?